KOLEKTORMONTAG ENERGY Ltd. provides services and production in the field of energy, gasification, oil industry, heating services, food and chemical industries. КМЕ LTD is engaged in the manufacture and installation of stainless steel constructions, high pressure systems, petrol stations and CNG stations, steel structures, pressure vessels, heat transfer equipment and tanks, pipelines, air ducts, gas pipes and other.In response to the growing demands for quality, the company introduces advanced technologies and disposes with a team of highly qualified professionals.

KOLEKTORMONTAG ENERGY Ltd. disposes with a team of highly qualified installers and welder specializing in:
- arc inert gas welding TIG-code 141.

- arc welding-code 111.

- oxy-fuel cutting arc welding MIG/MAG-code 130/135/136/137

When performing welding operations we apply modern technologies and equipment of leading companies for welding of steel pipes, sections and steel structures.

Our main purpose is the continuous improvement of operations in order to provide customers with products and services tailored to their requirements:

Increase of the Bulgarian market competitiveness to ensure our loyalty precision in execution of our commitments and achievement of excellent and competent results Our competitive advantages are:

- excellent quality at the best price
- we are friendly open to the ideas of our customers and are always looking for the optimal solution of the submitted request
- highly qualified staff
- loyalty, mobility and precision in the performance of our commitments

Our customers


Installation of stainless steel constructions

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Gasification of industrial plants

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Repair-installation works внт

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Construction of gas and petrol stations

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