"Socotab" Plovdiv - printing house "Nova print" Plovdiv

  Hotel "Kazanlak" city of Kazanlak

  Hotel "Zheleznik" Stara Zagora

  "Unimax" Stara Zagora - a workshop for the production of high-density foam

  Home for disable people in the city of Stara Zagora

  Gas station "Shtimi", village of Hlyabovo, Topolovgrad region - construction and fitting of a new gas station

  Gas station and petrol station "Makpetrol", Kochane, RMacedonia - fitting of gas stations and gas pumps, repair of filling for tank diesel and gasoline

Gasification of:

  Courts of justice, Казанлак

  Нursery school No 10, Stara Zagora

  Kindergarten № 12, Stara Zagora

  Holiday house of Stara Zagora's regional administration at Starozagorski mineralni bani

  Redional Police Department, Stara Zagora

 6000 Stara Zagora
84, Ruski Blvd, entr. А, st..6, ap. 33

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