TTP "Maritza East 2" - repair of armature and high-pressure piping

  Factory for premixtures "Hranserviceengineering" Veliko Tarnovo - repair of steam pipelines

  "Nicol Engineering" Ltd. Stara Zagora, removal and installation of steel structures for construction of factory buildings

  "Elnik machines" Stara Zagora - production of concrete elements, ordered from Denmark

  Commodity market Sliven - ammoniacal installation of refrigeration chambers for frozen fruits and vegetables

  Consortium "Haytkamp mass" - wastewater treatment plant Stara Zagora

  Heat Supply, Sofia - replacement of the overall network with pre-insulated pipes in Gotse Delchev quarter and its connection to the local stations

 6000 Stara Zagora
84, Ruski Blvd, entr. А, st..6, ap. 33

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